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    Exy IP Internal Training : Making Career Ladder Possible for Everyone

    Turning just 7 years old, Exy IP strives to make strong headway in growing the company and the people within it. Hence, an internal IP Training was introduced as a part of the employee development program to enhance the employees‘ ability and a chance for them to venture high up into their next career ladder at Exy IP. The platform also aims to provide comprehensive knowledge within the essence of becoming an IP expert.

    The IP training comprises three main areas using the notion of cross-training concept : The Essence of Becoming IP Advisor, An Insight of Trademark Foreign Filing, and the Madrid Protocol’s Concept. 

    The first session was delivered by ZS Tee, a senior sales manager who had been indulging for almost 20 years in the related field. The Essence of Becoming IP Advisor encapsulated the expert-skilled it required to be the ideal partner for every client of all sorts when it comes to complex matters.

    The second session was conducted by Alisa, our Trademark Manager which focused on Trademark Foreign Filing. Since Trademark Rights are territorial, she emphasized important details to note when proposing the Trademark Foreign Filing that show her tenacity in conquering not only in Trademark field but also in Copyright and Industrial Design.

    The last session was conducted by Azmi, on Madrid Protocol. Experts in both Trademark and IP digitalization, Azmi had demonstrated the advanced way of getting Trademark Foreign Filing in convenient and cost-effective ways. All of these are strategized and carefully devised to ascertain the specific needs of individual clients.

    Internal IP Training is essential for demonstrating a solid knowledge of the organization’s culture because it emphasizes real-life problems and challenges as examples that are practically easy for employees to understand. Our highest aim is to deliver more than just a piece of useful information, but also guidance to develop IP strategies for clients’ business endeavors and consolidate advanced solutions that encompass a full spectrum of advanced IP concepts.

    If you would like to discuss more options for monetizing or registering your intellectual property, talk to our IP Advisor, we are here to guide you.

    This article is brought to you by Exy IP PTE. LTD.

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