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    Our Vision: To be your go-to intellectual property expert – a reliable and trustworthy partner to consult in all matters concerning your intellectual property rights.
    Our Mission: To educate our clients on the importance of intellectual property, optimizing their businesses activities as they save costs.
    We’re always ready to advise you regardless of whether you’re an existing or new client. Intellectual property rights is our passion – reach out to us and we will help you to the best of your ability.
    About us

    Your go-to Intellectual Property expert. We have assisted hundreds of businesses in all matters concerning Intellectual Property.

    Intellectual property protects your brand, products, secrets, designs, and logo. It’s who you are. Isn’t that worth protecting well?
    We are a firm specializing in intellectual property rights consultancy. Not only are we well-versed in the minutiae of intellectual property rights; we fully understand the central demands of businesses as they pertain to intellectual property.
    We excel in management of matters concerning patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, franchising, licensing, commercialization, and many other related areas.
    Our creative and modern approach is backed by deep knowledge of Singaporean intellectual property laws. You’ll find that all our strategies place your business needs front and centre; all our decisions are made in your business’s best interests.

    We’ve helped thousands of clients maximize the value of their intellectual property. Our goal is to further advise and educate Singaporean businesses and elevate their awareness on the importance of protecting their intellectual property rights.thoud

    Your intellectual property is the cornerstone of your business. Make its protection part of your business strategy.
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