Copyright Registration

    A copyright protects a creator’s physical expression of ideas and creations of the mind found in creative works such as literature, visual art, music, broadcasts, computer programs, sound recordings, films, and video recordings, among others. Copyrights in Singapore are governed by the Copyright Act 1987.

    Legal Protection

    Any work to be copyrighted automatically receives legal protection if it can be proven that the work is original. The work must exist in a tangible form; this form may be visual, auditory, textual, or physical.
    The ownership of a copyright initially belongs to its author once the work is created and expressed. However, if another entity has commissioned the copyrighted work, that entity will be the owner of the copyright unless an agreement states otherwise. Additionally, the copyright for works created by employees as part of their employment belongs to employers unless an agreement states otherwise.
    Copyright owners may license their copyrights to third parties. They may also license future copyrights for works which are yet to be in existence.
    In Singapore, copyright protection over a specific work remains in force until 70 years after the author’s death.
    If you have any queries about copyright or copyrights registration, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    Copyrights Registration Process In Singapore

    Copyright registration in Singapore is not necessary. This is because Singapore’s copyright laws ensure that copyrights automatically subsist in original works. This provides the owner of copyrighted works with the rights to publish such works and make copies of them.
    However, registration to obtain copyright protection in Singapore may be required at some point in the future. The country’s Ministry of Law is currently considering the viability of a Copyright Registry. Should the Ministry decide to establish this Copyright Registry, applicants will have to submit official applications from that point forth.
    In the event that a Copyright Registry were to be established, the Ministry will determine the appropriate amount and types of information regarding the copyrighted work to be submitted. This submission would subsequently become part of the Ministry’s records.


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