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    Beach Cleanups – An Idyllic CSR Activities

    In spreading awareness and bringing environmental sensitivity closer to the society, we took the move ahead in cleaning up along the coastal line of Redang Beach (Pantai Redang), Sekinchan.

    Be A Part of The Solution

    Redang Beach is a hidden coast in Sekinchan which is approximately 100 km away from Kuala Lumpur. Although the beach area is less than 500 m, it has always been a short gateway for most families and friends where it abounds with a variety of seafood vendors, a secluded spot for birding, and the brisk wind, just perfect to fly the kites.

    Unfortunately, pollution takes away all the beauty. Plastic bags, bottles, food containers, fishing lines, and even hazardous waste are just a few of the types of garbage that are scattered along the coastlines. You will never see children enjoy swimming on the muddy beach or building castles on the coarse sand.

    In an effort to preserve what mother earth has given to us, is to be a part of the solution. The Beach Cleanup activity is an amazing chance for everyone to contribute to a greater cause. It does not require any special skills or huge expenses but just some passion to mitigate the world’s climate change.

    It’s a Beach Trip

    This time around, #exyipseeyou CSR Program finds Beach Cleanup could be an idyllic CSR activity in encouraging family members and friends to partake in bringing environmental sensitivity closer to the society.

    Around 30 participants were divided into 3 main areas along the shoreline and equipped with necessary cleaning tools such as gloves, trash pickers, and garbage bags. The children seem to enjoy using the trash picker for the first time! And while cleaning up some debris, they even found an alive lobster! After the CSR was completed, the garbage was properly sorted for disposal.

    Finally, it was a wrap-up for Redang Beach CSR Program. Everyone just took time to chill and enjoy the windy breeze with some delicious picnic-style refreshments by the beach.

    Imagine the sand between your toes, sunshine beaming down on you, and the fresh sea breeze blowing on your face, should be an excuse for you to spend your day doing something wonderful in nature. Besides that, walking on the sand is better than walking on paved flat surfaces as the sand gives some challenges which will burn more calories, engage to stabilize the muscle, and improve your coordination. Beach Cleanup is certainly a complement to CSR activity.

    Sustainable Development Goals

    This noble effort was carried out in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 14 Life Below Water and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. 

    If everyone is willing to contribute a little bit of energy to the environment, the earth will have 7 billion energy to help make it better!

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