Christmas Celebration: Go Out and Go Big!

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    Christmas Celebration: Go Out and Go Big!

    PETALING JAYA: After years celebrating Christmas in workplace compound, Exy IP finally set Christmas 2021 as the starting point to celebrate special day away from the working environment. The celebration is held at a perfect dining place, Hilton Garden Inn Kuala Lumpur which participated by all Exy IP team.

    “I believed that it is the right time for us to go out from our place and gather all as a family. Let’s put the work aside for a moment, and enjoy this beautiful celebration”, says Mr Ooi Yeong Boon, Managing Director (MD) of Exy IP.

    Yeong Boon as the MD of Exy IP strongly support work-life balance. He said that the company realize that if a company wants employees to stay motivate towards their works, then the company also need to consider on bring some encouragement for them.

    The Managing Director of Exy Intellectual Property said that “In my point of view, the productivities and the performances at work among the employees also lies on their emotions and motivations towards their works. Management plays a crucial role to boost the motivation of the employees”.

    Exy IP last week has launched the CSR program, #exyipseeyou. The program not only set the goal of the company to support the community, but also to improve the internal communication between the management and the employees.

    The company concerned about the well-being of our internal team and hoping that years ahead, it will continue organizing more internal events as the rewards to the internal team as an appreciation. “2021 is ending soon, we hope that everyone is happy and ready to enter a new year with a bigger goal”, says Yeong Boon.